• Selecting fabric from range of fabrics with filters for fabric material, type, colour & price.
  • Designing the Shirt
    • Collar type, Different collar fabric, Contrast inner collar stand, Hard/Soft selection
    • Button hole placket – select different style also option for different fabric placket (contrast front placket)
    • Button placket contrast i.e. different fabric
    • Pocket required? (yes/no), pocket styles
    • Sleeves full >> normal / rolled up or half
    • If full cuff styles, different cuff fabric, cuff contrast (i.e) inner side of the cuff) (hard/soft selection)
    • Back details add darts / no shoulder / box pleat
    • Bottom cut straight cut / modern cut
    • Button hole colour matching the fabric or select contrast colour, select button thread
    • Button selection matching the fabric or select from some of the premium buttons
    • Monogram Details select place of monogram cuff or chest (3 alphanumeric letters)


  • Select type of trousers to be made formal, chinos
  • Selecting fabric for the selected type of trouser with filters for fabric material, type, colour & price.
  • Designing the Trouser
    • Selecting the belt type cut belt / long belt
    • Selecting cross pocket / L pocket / side pocket
    • Select The Stle For Front With 1 Pleat / 2 Pleats / No Pleats
    • Back pocket 1 or 2, pocket style single bone pocket / double bone / (path pocket only for chinos)
    • Bottom cuff ( Yes / No )
    • Creases: straight or side crease

Suit / Blazer / Waistcoat

Select type: - Blazer / 2 Piece (pant and blazer) / 3 piece (Pant, Jacket and Blazer)
- Inclusive of pre-configured design Inside Suit Section If Possible)

  • Tuxedo (Tuxedo includes 2 Piece suit with tux shirt) Preconfigured Design Only Fabrics & Lapel (peak/shawl) Can Be Changed
  • Jodhpuri (Mandarin collar, Closed neck) (Includes Jodhpuri jacket and pant) Preconfigured Design Only Fabrics Can Be Changed
  • Selecting the base fabric
  • Designing the Suit (if only blazer no option to design the pants etc.)
    • Selecting: single button / 2 button / 3 button / double breasted (4 button)
    • Lapel designs: regular / peaked lapel / shawl lapel, contrast collar (collar above lapel) if select colour.
    • Welt pocket style: - patch / normal, contrast welt pocket colour.
    • Pocket style regular with flap / w-o flap / patch pocket /slant pocket
    • Watch pockets (small pocket on right side)
    • Bottom cut : straight / modern
    • Pants edit will remain regular formal pants

Option for sharing designs customized in shirt pant or suit as an image to social media or saving

4-methods of provide accurate measurements

Body Size

Precisely adding each and every measurement to provided fields with example of taking the measurements for that particular field for the product that is being ordered.

Standard Size

Selecting from the size chart that is provided and then editing only the field that the customer thinks to be changed

Selecting from the size charts of different company which they already are satisfied with (need your opinion on this method)

SEND US your perfect fit shirt , trousers or suit and we will take the measurements from the same.