How do I design a garment online?

We predesign each of our fabrics with a recommended preset . Use our real-time customization tool to change as few or as many elements as you like, before placing your order. The rest of the shirt elements will be produced just as you see in the image.

Do I need a tailor to take my measurements?

You do not need a tailor for the measurements. Take a look at our Sizing page to learn everything you need to know.

Do you have Slim Fit shirts and Regular Fit ?

Yes, we provide both Slim and Relaxed Fits. Slim Fit shirts are more fitted around the body. Relaxed fit allow for more breathing room around body area , we also provide the garment with your particular measurements.

Are the measurements or body measurements? What is the difference?

The measurement take by you of your body are supposed to be fix body measurements.

The measurements that you provide us are your Final Measurements, based on which your garment will be produced.

If you’ve taken your body measurements, those measurements are perrfect after that you just have to select

Where do you source your fabrics and accessories?

Our fabrics are sourced from only a handful of the biggest mills across the world. Our trims, accessories and interlinings are carefully selected to complement the fabrics, from international brands .

Where do you produce the shirts?

We are the tailors dating back generations , we produces each and every garment in house with sate of the art machinery .

Will my shirt shrink?

We pre-wash all fabrics to avoid shrinking. However, owing to the fine nature of our fabrics, a 1-2% shrinkage can be expected after repeated washing, which is in line with acceptable tolerances. Make sure to check out and follow our Wash Care instructions to get the best out of your shirts.

How long does it take to make and ship?

Regardless of where you have ordered from, an indicative time period for your shirt to reach you is 10-14 days for our core fabrics and 21 days for international bespoke fabrics from the time your order is confirmed. Of course, this is dependent on our courier partners as well.

Where ship to? What are the charges?

We ship both domestically within India and internationally as well. For Domestic orders, shipping is free. For other countries, we charge a small fee associated with each shipment.

How are my garment measurements stored & can I change measurements on a current order?

We now have a single repository for measurements for a customer's garment. The most recent version of the measurements will be referred to as the base measurement for the customer profile.

  1. Your base measurements stay linked to your profile.
  2. Any updates done from the profile page will update the base measurement and will be applicable to open orders (not in production)
  3. Changes made while creating/editing an order will update the base measurement and link the base with open orders
  4. Changes made while creating/editing alterations will update the base measurement, open orders (not in production) and other open alterations
  5. Once your order/alteration goes into production, the measurements are frozen for the particular order. Any measurement changes from the profile or other orders won't be applied to this order.


What payment options do you offer?

You can choose to pay either through our secure net banking facility by Credit, Debit Card, Net banking or Wallets.

For International customers, PayPal payments are accepted as well.

What currency will I see the prices?

For all our customers shopping in India, our prices are displayed in Indian Rupees. For international customers, the prices displayed are in US Dollars depending on your geographical location.

I’m based in India, how come I see the prices in Pounds/Dollars?

There could be two reasons for it

First, you may be using a proxy server, in which case we are helpless to change that. We can only suggest you access our website from a local internet connection. In other cases, try clearing your browser cache, you should see the price in the intended currency.

Does pricing differ based on the customization combinations that I choose?

No, pricing is based entirely on the fabric that you choose. Everything thereafter is included in the price. We rather you focus on coming up with a great design than stress about what you are paying for it. There are two occasions when prices may vary:· For chest sizes above 50”, there is an additional 10% surcharge on the MRP of the shirt.

Are there any additional taxes involved?

Our domestic prices are exclusive of GST taxes. Tax is applicable at checkout. For shipments outside of India, taxes & customs duties, if any, must be borne by the customer.

Returns AND Alterations

We want to keep things simple for you.

You can shop with confidence with the following assurances:

Within 45 days of your shipment reaching you:

Should you find your garment not up to your expectations, you may return it for an alteration or remake as necessary.

Beyond 45 days of your shipment reaching you:

We will be happy to make measurement alterations at no cost to you. This is provided there is no replacement or change in fabric. We will try to accommodate other changes as well, but will advise you of any associated costs before we accept your request.

Contact our Customer Experience Team via the Request an alteration tab in your Profile. They will be happy to arrange a pick up.

All alterations take 5 working days to process, though we will try to get to you sooner.